I am innocent, and there was proof of this, but if a judge has it in for you, he plays God and destroys your life. I’ve lost everything thanks to him. My time in prison has been horrendous and shocking. I’ve never self harmed until coming here and have often done so since. I’ve attempted suicide a number of occasions. I’ve been waiting eight months to hear from the Court of Appeal even though someone else has admitted to doing what the judge told the jury to convict me of. Life in here is a miserable, horrible existence. There is no quality of life. Death would be far preferable. People take drugs to escape it. There is no hope. It is sadistic torture to warehouse caged humans. It destroys people and ruins their personalities. There is no rehabilitation. There is no purpose. Legal aid solicitors don’t defend. Everyone is locked up for as long as possible, that way everyone in the system makes money from dealing in human misery. It is worse than the US now. It is cruel and inhumane. Everything is cheap, nasty and basic. The food is inedible. It is a downward spiral, damaging people beyond repair. It teaches nothing, achieves nothing, it is totally futile. We are the most marginalised maligned group in society, despite many of us being innocent.