My Sentence

The meaning of criminal justice

Contribute the meaning of your sentence

If you would like to take part, please send us a piece of writing, poetry, a photograph, drawing or painting, a piece of music or a song, or anything else that we will be able to put online. The choice is yours. We are also asking everyone to come up with one sentence that expresses the meaning of their sentence for them, which we will use as the link to the content on the homepage.

All those who have been sentenced in a criminal court can take part, but no one should feel that they have to. You might want to reflect on a fine, a community sentence, imprisonment or a series of sentences you have experienced. We would invite you to give yourself an artist name for us to use on the website. You are welcome to use your own name, but please consider that people (including people you do not like) might come across your work and the consequences this might have. Your writing/art remains yours and if you want it to be removed from the website at any point, just let us know. If you provide us with an email address , we will send you a link to your work as soon as it is online.

If you would like to take part or have any questions, you can use the Contact form. You can also email or phone on 0141 3308257 (leave a message). When your contribution is ready, you can either email it or  send it to My-Sentence, Ivy Lodge, 63 Gibson Street, Glasgow, G12 8LR. We are happy to reimburse the cost of postage.

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